Meredith Pillon


"We have a passion for our clients, our industry and for travel."

In today's fast-paced world, the travel landscape is constantly transforming and the media is evolving at an equally rapid pace. Travelers are bombarded with information and choices. Destinations, resorts, hotels, cruise lines and tour operators need to be on their radar. How can destinations and travel companies stand out?

At Meredith Pillon Marketing Communications (MPMC), we have a passion for travel, and we are experts at articulating our clients' exceptional strengths.

Headquartered in New York, the media capital of North America, MPMC specializes in travel and hospitality public relations.

We have designed successful campaigns for leading international destinations, five-star resorts, luxury cruise lines and deluxe adventure operators delivering extraordinary results that have increased business for our clients.

Meredith Pillon founded the agency in 2000 with the goal of providing clients with the expertise and strategic vision of a large international agency with the flexibility and rapid response geared to today’s fast-moving world. A well-respected name in travel public relations for 30 years, Meredith has an incomparable network of media relationships and is personally involved with each client.

MPMC is a full-service marketing communications company with extensive experience in designing strategic, targeted and cost-effective campaigns for its travel clients with style and creativity. Agency executives, led by Meredith Pillon, are committed to providing the very best service and dedicated to achieving outstanding results for its select roster of clients.